Can Anyone Speak English Fluently Without Joining An English Speaking Course?

Well ! its really a very hard question to answer but it's really motivating to see kids conversing in English.

I always wondered  if these kids can then why can’t I .

Although I was a student of English Medium school but the culture of English speaking was missing .

I never realised the importance of speaking fluently in English as I was pretty comfortable in that environment where  everybody around me was communicating in Hindi. 

Later when I was in senior class I started realising that those who were good English speakers were always getting priority in all the co curricular activities and to represent the school. 

I always wanted to be one among them but my Spoken English was an obstacle every time.

I never thought that English speaking will be a challenge for me to show my existence.

I was able to figure out that my English was poor for practical daily life and I started trying to improve my English so that i can have my identity in an English Speaking society.

Although I made a firm decision to improve my English but I was not sure  where to start and what needs to be done .

It has taken a lot of time to figure out  that studying grammar and cramming heavy word meanings will not solve my problem .

After 7 years , I got the Aladdin  lamp to make my wish come true .

Want to know about the lamp and genie ?

Then read my whole story .


Method #1: Learning Vocabulary the Old-School Way


I started thinking what is it, that holds me from speaking fluent English. I thought it's all about  words where I stuck, they do not come to my mind and I am not able to speak .

I  started working on my vocabulary and I took pledge to learn 20 words per day.

But it did not help  much.

I was able to build my vocabulary by cramming the words, but it was not  helping me in speaking English.

After sometime I gave up the habit of learning new words everyday.

However the desire of speaking in English did not die , it was still moving like a worm in my brain every time  

Method #2: Reading will solve the problem


I was not able to get to the root cause of the problem and this was the reason I was not leaving any stone unturned .

I used to buy many  books either it was English grammar , vocabulary , speaking or any other book .

Whenever I came across any book which I think will help me in improving my English I used to grab it .

I was going in the wrong direction , I should have practised English Speaking rather reading .

Although I don’t regret the reading habit, as I was able to get a lot of knowledge from these books.

But again it was not helping in speaking English Fluently .

As time passed my writing skills improved and I was more accurate in grammar too .

But still not able to speak English in  flow.

Words never used to click my mind at the right time .

Method #3:Google knows everything.I mean the tips & tricks on Internet 

Anyway, I was happy with my progress till that time. I reached college and felt embarrassed on the very first day while conversing with seniors and other students .

On that day I felt so bad that I decided to leave the regular college and go for correspondence course .

After so much hard work to score good marks in class 12th   and being one among topper , all my dreams of enjoying college life were fading .

I always used to stay away from English speakers in college .

Now English started shadowing my other abilities and this feeling was overpowering my brain .

I was looking for all the possible solutions, but I was not able to find one which could solve my problem .

Then I reached to almighty Google baba for the help,as it is known best for having solution to all the problems .

You type your problem and you get the solution,nowadays it's more advanced you don’t have to type even, just press the button and tell the problem.

But even google baba was not able to help me , as what I got was tips & tricks which were not useful .

Tip - Be positive 

How can I be positive if I am having a problem and I am not getting solution .

By saying to myself Be positive you are fluent in english again and again will make me fluent in English ?

Tip- Don’t be afraid to make mistakes

I am not afraid to make mistakes, but how come it's going to solve my problem?

I will keep repeating the same mistakes again and again and I won’t be able to know even that I am making a mistake.

Tip- Keep your ears open

“English is everywhere. It’s in online videos, news channels, on radio. So listen and build your vocabulary.”

What does this mean , I don’t keep my ears open? 

I have been listening to English all through my life since my birth.

But my problem was not understanding the English It was speaking English .

Tip-Practise, practise, practise: Practice makes perfect

 I agree practise  brings perfection, but what if practising  mistakes only? I will be perfect in making mistakes . 

Method #4: Speaking With Myself

 There is an old saying , efforts don’t go in vain.

All my efforts were not going waste, they were contributing in improving my English .

I found talking to myself in lonely room .But talking to self is easier  and lips get sealed in front of others .

I was progressing slowly, as I was learning the trial and error method,But I was learning something and making progress  to improve my spoken English.

Magic Moment - When I got the Aladdin  lamp

 There was no environment of  speaking English in my family too.

However, my family members are supporting and they were ready to cooperate with me in every situation .

Somehow those 3 years of college passed  .

And I was not selected in any of the interview in campus recruitment drive . 

I was literally shattered,in spite of leaving no stone unturned I was struggling .

Well, I did not lose hope and appeared for  few more interviews .

Somehow I got a job,I was extremely delighted and excited to join job .

But my  horrendous English chased me there too.

I was not given a chance to deal with foreign clients just because of my hesitation in English .

This problem of mine was getting bigger day by day and I was feeling helpless , as I was good in my field but I was not able to progress just because of hesitation while speaking English .

One of my friend asked me “buddy what’s wrong, what’s the problem, is there something which is bothering you ? “

I was reluctant to tell him initially,thinking what he is going to think about me, but he insisted me to tell him.

I told him the whole story how I was struggling hard to learn spoken English and efforts  I made to overcome this problem .

He said I used to have the same problem like you, but I was lucky to get a good English Speaking Institute in Delhi i.e Study Bliss, where they gave me blueprint of fluent English and I executed it in the way they instructed me and I am a good speaker now .

Without wasting a single day , I joined Study Bliss, where I got the chance to give words to my feelings .

I was not bothered what my batchmates would say or will make fun of me , as we all were in the same boat.

After one month I got rid of my fear.I learned one thing that environment and right guidance is the key to success .


Moral of  Story

If you think, as it is  your own story.

Then you can learn from this is, not to waste your precious time and effort learning  English wrong way.

As you need a good mentor who can  give the blueprint and an environment where you can practise speaking English in the right way .

I would suggest  you not to opt for the traditional English Learning Method  as real life English is quite different from the academic English and you won't be able to speak fluently, irrespective of the fact how hard you try.

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